Naming a Novel

I’m having the hardest time naming my current WIP!

I can write a pitch, condense my novel down to one fabulous sentence, but giving it a title? Forget about it!

I came up with Across the Universe – however there is already a YA sci-fi novel with the same title. So that’s the end of that.

I’ve come up with “Journey Through the Universe” but not feeling one hundred percent on it. I like this image for the basis of the cover (should I decide to self-publish):


Possible Cover

Here’s the basic pitch for my current WIP:

Another ordinary dig in the African desert with Dad isn’t all that it seems. The ancient structures are much more than just pyramids …

Sixteen year old Leah Lazary has spent her life going from one dig site to the next. Nothing could have prepared her for the day when she and her father would take to the stars in an alien ship, left on Earth for thousands of years.

Along the way, Leah and some of the crew discover more about themselves – as humans and possible descendants of the aliens who left the ship on Earth.

It’s a Young Adult, Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Romance

Any title suggestions? All are welcome!

3 thoughts on “Naming a Novel

  1. The name is so crucial. Don’t be put off by someone already using the same title. There are loads of books that share a title. If they are going to dig this craft up you could focus on the discovery part in the title. Good luck deciding. :)

    • Thanks Pete.
      If this other book wasn’t SO close in genre I might keep it. But seeing as how they’re both YA, sci-fi, and both have a little romance in them, it’s probably best if I change it.
      I COULD use the digging part as a title, however the main focus of the novel is the journey across the universe to some unknown planet (we find out about that later on in the book, that the ship’s course cannot be altered until it reaches its pre-programmed destination – the home of the extra terrestrials who left it there.

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